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1976년 파리의 심판(Judgment of Paris)에서 처음으로 인정받은 세계적으로 유명한 나파밸리(Napa Valley)의 와인들은 이 지역의 유명한 요리에 버금가는 명성을 이루었습니다. 모리모토(Morimoto)의 특별한 일본식 퓨전부터 토마스 켈러(Thomas Keller)의 미슐랭 스타 레스토랑인 프렌치 런드리(French Laundry)와 타코스 미초아깐(Tacos Michoacan)의 평범한 길거리 별미까지, 곳곳에서 맛있는 요리들을 만날 수 있습니다. 를 방문해보세요 →
Napa Valley

전체 캘리포니아 와인

최초로 재배된 포도

포도재배 면적 헥타르 (45,000 에이커)

미국의 농업 보존의 예

Napa Valley Wineries

162 wineries

Events in Napa Valley

Clif Family’s Toast to Sustainability: Virtual Earth Day Conversation and Wine Tasting

Zoom Event:, St. Helena

Virtual Earth Day Discussion and Wine + Food Tasting with the Clif Family Team and Sustainability Expert, Ann Thrupp

Address & Location:
Zoom Event:, 709 Main Street, St. Helena, CA

Phone: (707) 968-0625


Details: Clif Family’s mission is to craft unique, regional wine and foods using practices that care for the earth; to support organic farming; and to contribute to a more vibrant and healthy food community. Sustainability expert, Ann Thrupp, will join the Clif Family team for an engaging Earth Day conversation on sustainability in wine, food, farming and hospitality. Our Virtual Earth Day conversation will focus on how wine and specialty food companies can work individually and collectively to inspire and create a positive impact on our environment. What are the ways we can create sustainability in our local communities and beyond? How can we work collectively for greater impact? What are some ways we can all contribute on an individual level?

Napa Valley Sessions- Sustainability: The Real Substance

Napa Valley Vintners via Zoom, St. Helena

Join ZD Wines, The Hess Collection Winery and Raymond Vineyards and learn how they put their bold sustainability words into action.

harvesting grapes

Cost: None

Address & Location:
Napa Valley Vintners via Zoom, 1475 Library Lane, St. Helena, CA

Phone: (707) 337-1407



harvesting grapes Details: Join us to explore how three wineries put their bold sustainability words into action. We'll discuss the rigor and substance behind Napa Green and other sustainability certifications, and why it is essential that conscientious businesses communicate with employees, customers and guests about how and what sustainability really is. The session will be moderated by Sandra Taylor, President and CEO of Sustainable Business International. Register at